Presenting Mark Alfrey’s sexy alien girls. These erotic sculpture art statues are cute pin-up style girly figures with green skin and pink hair. Fetish fans may also find them attractive. They are colorful, titillating sculptures for collectors of UFO subject matter, pretty female figures or art of cultural significance. Also found on this site are small polystone elves, a sexy nun, statues of Tura Satana, Pam Grier as Coffy and Foxy Brown, as well as a series of dvds that teach sculpting, lifecasting (or life casting ), prosthetic make-up and moldmaking (or mold making ). Bronze statues are also available here. Mark is also an artist for Topps. He is a designer and painter for their Wacky Packages brand of stickers and cards.

Art Center Gallery

in Westminster, California

Satellite Gallery

in Asheville, North Carolina

Strychnin Gallery

Berlin, Germany

Michael Godard Gallery

Rio Hotel, Las Vegas

NEW 11/2014 Limited Edition of 30

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NEW 12/2014 Limited Edition of 25

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